Imagination is the only limitation in fly tying

Trout flies:

 My trout flies are tied with the snooty trout in mind. I work with you to construct the flies to your specifications. Every pattern can be tailored to your specific fishing needs.

  • Trout dries/cripples/nymphs start at 3$ each.

  • Trout streamers start at 5$ each for single hooks and 8$ for articulated flies.

Bass flies:

Weed guards and wide gap hooks are standards on bass bugs. These flies hold up to being fished through the weeds, penetrate boney mouths, and hold onto fish wether they dive for cover or tear up the top. 

  • Topwater foam flies start at 5$, and stacked deer-hair flies start at 20$.

  • Bass Streamers start at 5$ for single hook.

Pike flies:

Hard mouths and sharp teeth are two of the challenges when it comes to pike fishing. I overcome these challenges by using ultra-sharp hooks and reinforcing materials. 

  • Pike flies start at 8$ and articulated flies start at 11$


Whether you are stalking the flats or looking for blitzes I can tie what you need. From standards to subtle Alan Caolo style modifications. 

  • Saltwater flies start at 5$.


Articulated single hooked, stacked bucktail streamers for trophy northern pike.

These were tied on Gamakatsu B10s stinger hooks in size 1/0. 



Deer hair divers for black bass in lake champlain and the connecticut river

These are on of our favorite top water flies to chase large and smallmouth bass in both flowing and still waters. We call them Hawg Goblins and tie them in a variety of colors.



HAres foot emergers

These crippled emergers have been around for a long time, but we tie them in a variety of colors to match hatches in tailwaters all over the country. These will continue to trick wary fish in pressured systems, from the Delaware to the South Holston.